Build trust, reduce risk and drive growth

Our intuitive, logical platform will enable you to confidently manage data privacy across your business. Understand, document and review all aspects of data compliance in one simple to use application. It’s the smarter way to manage data governance.


A new compliance solution

Now you can manage Cyber Essentials, Information Security ISO 27001 and Data Protection ISO 27701 compliance all in one place.

PRISM provides a comprehensive new data governance tool for your clients – and benefits for you. Modular and scalable, our solution will assist businesses no matter where they are in the compliance journey.

The system can be tailored to large businesses or SME’s, including sole traders and micro-organisations. It’s designed to help Business Owners, Managers, Data Protection and Information Security Representatives to establish a data governance framework.


PRISM will enable you to manage compliance confidently:


Save Time

Meet obligations faster through a clear, self-guided process


Improve System Management

Install an easy to use centralised solution


Auditor Friendly

Clear and easy access to your compliance information where and when you need it


Expert Support

Access quality advice from industry experts


Cost Effective

Achieve compliance without complicated, expensive solutions

Key Features

Build Trust

PRISM is the platform you need to help clients better protect their business. Gain a complete overview of data compliance across a business.

Manage Risk

Many templated systems risk becoming ‘tick-box’ exercises. Our platform is designed to make users really think about the implications of their data processing activities.

Increase Control

Benefit from full visibility and a guided, intuitive solution for your clients. The modular system can be scaled to meet the needs of any business, large or small.

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Data Protection Principles

GDPR is built around six official data protection principles, plus an important addition: accountability. Organisations are responsible for ensuring that each of the principles is met. Here we cover what they are and what they mean for your business.

The impact of a data breach

One of the big changes moving to GDPR is the power to measure fines against global turnover. This ability – at the discretion of the ICO – enables much larger fines than those currently in place. However, a data breach could cost you more than a fine.

What is a Subject Access Request?

A Subject Access Request (SAR) gives individuals the right to request the personal data that a company holds on them. The aim is to help people understand why and how companies use their data, as well as who it is disclosed to.

Personal Data Infographic

The GDPR applies to personal data; meaning any information relating to an individual who can be directly, or indirectly, identified by reference to an identifier. This infographic shows the variety of identifiers that are subject to GDPR.

8 steps to succeed at GDPR

​GDPR ensures that personal data privacy and security are treated as a priority; the consequences of failing to safeguard customer data can be serious. So how can you ensure that your business meets the requirements and succeeds at GDPR?

Does GDPR apply to me?

GDPR is not just for organisations that process large volumes of data; if you process data (which according to the regulation, you probably do), it applies. Here’s a practical approach to help you get started and ensure that you are GDPR compliant.

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